SUPERCHARGEDFOOD.COM FEATURES ON NATURAL PARENTING WEBSITE is featured on the popular website offers quality information and support for parents and parents-to-be covering the period from preconception to adolescence and includes topics such as pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, sleep, discipline, health, nutrition, education and family life. Our goal is to support parents to make informed choices and provide up to date, relevant information on key topics. Information published on our sites is drawn from an international pool of writers with expertise and experience in pregnancy and parenting.

NFP is also a community resource offering friendship and support through our online forums. This is a place to meet like minded people and share your parenting journey with others. It is a place of belonging and support. has launched in Australia just in time for winter- the perfect season to chill out, get cosy, and feast on delicious home-cooked food. And there’s nothing quite like the warmth of good food and good company on chilly winter days to make you feel alive. Supercharged Food is driven by a simple, altruistic philosophy creating recipes using foods as close to nature as possible. A visit to the website is a must for people who are looking for uncomplicated and easy-to-prepare yummy recipes which are all gluten-wheat-dairy- yeast and sugar-free.
In addition to the mouth-watering recipe book on the site, you’ll also find health tips, insights anecdotes, weekly diet samples, a shopping list and meal planner, along with information about detoxing, superfoods to include in your diet and which foods should be avoided. Winter is a time when many of us are feeling low in energy, run-down, tired and fatigued, and there’s no time like the present to visit and learn how to use food as medicine to restore health at cellular level, increase your energy and reduce the risk of illness.
Supercharged Food was created to cater for anyone who is looking to overhaul their diet and increase their intake of fresh, wholesome and nutrient-rich foods as well as the growing number of people in Australia who suffer from modern-day diseases such as auto immune disorders, Crohns, coeliac, IBS, food allergies and ulcerative colitis.

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