Christine Anu’s new single Come Home will be released independently.

Christine Anu is back with a brand new single and this time the celebrated ARIA winner is going it alone.

Come Home will be her first solo release since 2003 and with no record label backing, the Australian pop veteran is preparing to release the song independently.

“I’m almost more passionate this time round because my own money’s tied up in it so I have to make it work,” she says.

“I was signed to a record company for the first ten years of my career but no one was ever really interested in my input on a great scale.”

Anu is relishing the opportunity to pave her own path in the highly competitive record industry.

The mother-of-two has already released an ARIA and Deadly nominated children’s music album, Chrissy’s Island Family, on her own label.

Come Home is an upbeat love ballad written by Matthew Gerrard, who has previously penned songs for Delta Goodrem.

Anu says the song is about seizing those special moments when they arrive, something she has done throughout her life.

“I was happy to build a career around teaching traditional and Aboriginal islander dances and songs for the rest of my life but then I got the chance to record albums,” she says.

“The sentiment of the song is about waiting for that special something. “We don’t know when that moment is going arrive but it’s about knowing it’s there and calling for it.”

Anu became one of Australia’s most recognisable solo singers on the back of her 1995 smash My Island Home, which she performed at the Sydney Olympic Game.

A string of hits followed and she also starred in the films Moulin Rouge! and The Matrix Reloaded.

Come Home is available to download from September 26.

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