One of Australia’s most enduring music stars Grace Knight exposes shocking secrets in tell-all memoir!

One of Australia’s most enduring music stars Grace Knight (Eurogliders) exposes shocking secrets in tell-all memoir!
Grace Knight publicly reveals the shocking secret she has carried all her life for the first time in a tell-all autobiography, Pink Suit for a Blue Day. Detailing a long journey filled with bumps and hurdles, she provides an intimate look into her career as one of Australia’s most enduring music stars and unveils with brutal honesty the harrowing tales of sexual abuse she endured throughout childhood. Not only is this a fascinating look into the secret life of a music idol, Pink Suit for a Blue Day is a inspiration to anyone who has been the victim of physical or emotional abuse proving that with honesty and the help of loved ones, the move towards healing and forgiveness is possible.
Singer Grace Knight has been a fixture of the Australian music scene for decades, first as a member of the indie pop group, Eurogliders, in the 1980’s and as a solo jazz singer since the group disbanded in 1989. But this glamorous star has carried with her a tragic and burdensome secret, one of betrayal and abuse by a member of her own family that she now reveals publicly for the first time. In this frank and heart-wrenching memoir, Grace tells of the childhood sexual abuse that she endured from her father and the life-long impact that this trauma had on her as she rose to fame and struggled with holding down relationships.
“I have written this story for the women and men that have nurtured a legacy around some form of abuse, in an attempt to expose the nature of our selves, by exposing myself,” says
Grace. “I feel obliged to write this story, because to a degree I feel like I have come out the other end, I’ve slain the dragon.” Knight came to international attention when the Eurogliders
released their biggest hit, Heaven (Must Be There) in 1984 off the album This Island. This song just missed the top spot in Australia, reaching #2 on the charts, also reaching #21 in the United States and appearing on the Billboard Mainstream Rock charts and the Hot 100. The group found continued fame, particularly in Australia, where their next album, Absolutely, became a top-ten hit and provided three top-ten singles.
When the group went their separate ways in 1989, Grace began the next phase of her career as a successful solo jazz singer, releasing her fifth solo album, Willow, in 2008. She also took part in the brief Eurogliders reunion that saw the group release two more records between 2005 and 2007. Despite the scrutiny of one’s personal life that inevitably comes with fame, Grace has successfully concealed her biggest secret all her life, but now opens up publicly for the first time in Pink Suit for a Blue Day, sharing her journey from betrayal to healing and
ultimately forgiveness.

Williamson Management secured Grace Knight her publishing deal with New Holland Publishers.

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