See Bobby Jewell – The Lad’s Chef on Channel 7’s Morning Show on Friday.

For any male whose culinary skills fall short of impressive, salvation has arrived in the form of ‘The Lad’s Chef Cookbook’ by Bobby Jewell.

‘The Lad’s Chef Cookbook’ caters to the needs of every man – from guys who have just moved out of home, through to the more refined gent who still puzzles over the best dishes for particular occasions. The book breaks cooking down to basics with easy to follow recipes, lists of the crucial items to have stocked in your kitchen and how to create a lasting impression by adding the finishing touches to any dining experience.

So whether it’s preparing a kick-ass dinner party, a romantic dinner for someone special, a barbecue for mates or even a hearty hangover cure, ‘The Lad’s Chef Cookbook’ has any guys culinary needs covered.

To top it off, Jewell shares some of his ‘insider tips’ to impress. With any luck guys, you will get that second date with that beautiful girl from down the pub!

Tune is to The Morning Show at 950am to see if Bobby can impress Kylie!

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