Win one of two copies of ‘The Lad’s Chef Cookbook’ through Sydney Unleashed

For any male whose culinary skills fall short of impressive, salvation has arrived in the form of ‘The Lad’s Chef Cookbook’ by Bobby Jewell.

‘The Lad’s Chef Cookbook’ caters to the needs of every man – from guys who have just moved out of home, through to the more refined gent who still puzzles over the best dishes for particular occasions. The book breaks cooking down to basics with easy to follow recipes, lists of the crucial items to have stocked in your kitchen and how to create a lasting impression by adding the finishing touches to any dining experience.

In over 70 recipes, Jewell uses simple-to-understand instructions that won’t have guys reaching for the dictionary (how many guys know saté from sauté?) or for the fire extinguisher. ‘The Lad’s Chef Cookbook’ not only covers great classics like a good Lamb Roast, Lamb Shanks or Chicken Kiev, it will also have you trying your hand at Bresaola and Tomato Salad or even homemade Apple Crumble in no time!

‘The Lad’s Chef Cookbook’ is available now. For your chance to win one of two copies thanks to New Holland, click on the link below

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