Christine Anu – Returns to Rainbow’s End

Australia’s most celebrated Indigenous entertainer, Christine Anu, will return to the play Rainbow’s End in 2011.


Rainbow’s End is a play about three generations of Koori women, Nan Dear, her feisty daughter Gladys and Dolly,her clever teenage granddaughter live in a shack on a flood prone riverbank on the outskirts of a country town. 

For Nan, even life on ‘the Flats’ represents progress of a kind, but Gladys has bigger ambitions for a real house and a real job for Dolly.


When Gladys takes on buying the Encyclopedia Britannica from city salesman Errol Fisher to improve Dolly’s chances, their lives take an unexpected and challenging turn.


Set against the Queen’s visit in the 1950’s with music that evokes the period, this tender, funny, play celebrates the transformative power of learning and the fierce optimism of the

women as they struggle for community acceptance in conservative, Menzies’ era Australia.

The show will also star Lillian Crombie, Chenoa Deemal and Garth Holcombe.



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