A Gem Of A Role For Donovan

Casey Donovan

Casey Donovan in London. Picture: Britta Campion Source: The Sunday Telegraph

AFTER seven years of disappointment, Casey Donovan has finally found vindication and success in Britain.

The former Australian Idol winner has struggled with depression, weight issues and a lack of acceptance in the music industry, but the 22-year-old is now proud, confident and ready for what the future may bring.

She has won rave reviews performing at London’s famous Barbican Theatre in the Australian production of The Sapphires.

“I can now say that, after seven years, I am happy to do what I do,” Donovan said from London.

“I’m a very long way from Idol, and I’m over the moon. Who would have thought, seven years after Idol, that I’d be on the stage in London singing and doing musical theatre?”

Although reviews of The Sapphires have been mixed, Donovan’s performance as a young Aboriginal singer in the ’60s has been widely praised.

“The best performance comes from Casey Donovan, built on the lines of Mama Cass, whose [Aretha] Franklin covers achieve extraordinary poignancy and power,” the UK’s Daily Telegraph wrote.

Donovan is the first to admit it has not been an easy journey, having suffered depression. But with the support of her family, with whom she still lives in Sydney’s Bankstown, she’s strong now.

Source: Sunday Telegraph


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