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Bachelor Girl

What are you up to?
BG are in rehearsal mode now and uber pumped to be playin’ with our band again.

Why should people get along to your show? 
Our shows will be multi dimensional: a bit of old (loved songs), new (‘lost’ songs never released), a bit of cinema, comedy, good tuneage, connection and more rock than expected…

What’s the best pub/venue/bar/restaurant in Sydney, and why? 
Well of course I gotta say The Basement, right? Seriously though, I toured with Ian Moss, Jon Stevens and Jack Jones in 2008 and played one of our best of 56 shows at the Basement. The coolest and loudest Sydney crowd! Left an imprint on my heart and I seriously can’t wait to bring it to Syd again with Bgirl.

What’s the best joke you’ve heard recently?
Husband asks his wife why she’s watching a cooking show, since she’s a lousy cook. Wife answers: “So what? You watch porn.”

Xbox 360 vs Wii vs PS3: who wins?
Wiiiii all the waaaaaay.

What’s the best song about Sydney, and why?
Well there’s Chisel’s staple. But I gotta say ‘Sydney Song’ by Eskimo Joe. It’s cheeky and infectious, and being a Melbournite, Sydney has grown on me – slowly but surely!


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