Tania Doko will be a Guest Speaker at the IPAA’s Writing Seminar on 25 July 2011

Each year, IPAA’s Writing Seminar offer new perspectives on one of the most fundamental requirements of all public administrators: the ability to write clearly and convincingly. IPAA’s seminars are a response to  Don Watson’s description of public writing in his book Death Sentence as ‘devoid of lyric, incapable of emotion, complexity and nuance’.The theme for this year’s seminar is Making The Cut. Every time you write something, it enters a  competition for attention, space and resources. If your writing doesn’t make the cut, it will fail to do what you want, whether that is to adequately brief Ministers, convince a sceptical public or persuade your colleagues to take action.

This seminar presents three challenging perspectives on how you can improve the chances of your writing making the cut, editorially, rhetorically and creatively. Our three speakers will also take IPAA’s challenge to review and revise an existing piece of government writing so that it would make their cut. Dennis Glover, Author and Speechwriter Dennis Glover is an author and speechwriter with many years experience on the staff of senior politicians. Dennis is a fellow of the Per Capita think tank and his opinion columns, essays and reviews appear predominantly in The Australian. His most recent books are Orwell’s Australia (Scribe, 2003) and The Art of Great Speeches (Cambridge University Press, 2010)

Tania Doko, is one half of Australia pop-duo Bachelor Girl, whose hits included the anthem classic ‘Permission To Shine’ and ‘Buses and Trains. Her success lead to a career on stage and television as well as involvement in Whitelion, which is an organization that works with young people in the juvenile justice system, in state care, and kids at risk in the community. Her work includes facilitating music workshops for clients at Parkville Detention Centre and being a lead mentor for young people in child protection.

For more information contact IPAA at events@vic.ipaa.org.au or call 03 9653 2000 http://www.vic.ipaa.org.au

SOURCE: https://www.vic.ipaa.org.au/document/item/135

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