Bachelor Girl to Tour Newcastle on Tuesday 26th July 2011

Home-grown pop sensations Bachelor Girl return to Australian stages after a lengthy hiatus this month, due to an overwhelming response from fans. Jessica Willcocks caught up with lead singer Tania Doko before the duo hit the road.

There was a big break between when Bachelor Girl broke up 2004 and the release of your Greatest Hits this year. What made you want to bring it out now and start touring again?
New & previously unreleased tracks (on ‘Loved & Lost’ and ‘Beautifully Wrong – the lost songs), renewed energy & perspective, and the simple desire to play these tunes again with our extraordinary band and ‘Bud'(James) all gave us plenty of motivation to renunite.
Your album ‘Loved & Lost’ is a compilation of your most loved songs. What would be your number one and why?
‘To Whom It May Concern’ is right up there as a favourite ‘lost’ song for me. A rarity for Bachelor Girl really, it’s a love letter to your future life-long partner. It tells the truth for me. I’m grateful that we penned this sentiment and that it’s already striking a chord for so many women.

Bachelor Girl will play at Lizotte’s, Newcastle on Tuesday 26 July 2011. Tickets $40, available on 02 4956 2066 or  
Dinner & show packages also available.

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