The Vibe Alive event will be held on Taylor Oval (Moree) on August 31 and September 1.





Dynamic role models are getting ready to ensure students from the Moree region have a great time at the Vibe Alive Festival.


The Vibe Alive event will be held on Taylor Oval on August 31 and September 1.


Vibe Alive is a fun, two-day festival for young Australians of all backgrounds that celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. Aside from the awesome fun on offer at the festival, there’s all the latest information on how to stay healthy, careers in health and some great interactive activities that show students how to get fit and stay active.


With a special health focus, the Moree Vibe Alive will have all the usual range of activities for young people, and more. This year, there will be a fun, physical workout with “Move It Mob Style”. It’s a fast-paced, interactive hip hop workshop that aims to teach participants the latest dance moves, instil a love for physical activity, provide an opportunity to get active, and use energy positively.


Australian singer/songwriter Nathan Foley will be co-hosting the event, along with actor Luke Carroll. Mr Foley says Vibe Alive is all about getting active.


“It’s about getting kids up and out of the house and away from the TV and video games,” he says.


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