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SONG FOR THE ROAD | Edited by Kate Morgan | Foreword by Michael Gudinski | Publishing November 2012

Some people are lucky enough to make a living from making music, and an inevitable part of this means touring. Whether across a wide, brown land or to exotic overseas destinations, travel is part of a working musician’s life.

A Song for the Road contains tales from some of our finest artists. From the moving account of Paul Kelly as an audience member watching Blues legend Solomon Burke in Edmonton in Canada, Mark Seymour’s journey to a muster at Oodnadatta or the legendary drinking adventures of Cameron Muncey from Jet in Mexico City, the four corners of the globe are covered.

In A Song for the Road twenty-four artists remember mind-boggling touring moments from around the world ensuring you’ll never look at people on stage in quite the same way again.

‘I think I must have spent half my life in a parallel universe. One that is commonly known by entertainers as ‘the road’. The thing is, try as I might to live in the ‘real world’, I never manage to do more than just survive. But it’s different when I’m on the road.’ – Kim Salmon

A Song for the Road features tales from musicians including; Paul Kelly, Dave Graney, Archie Roach, Mark Seymour from Hunters and Collectors, Christine Anu, Raul Sanchez and Adalita from Magic Dirt, Patrick Matthews from Youth Group, Cameron Muncey from Jet, Tim Hoey from Cut Copy, Sam Lockwood from The Jezabels, Murray Cook from The Wiggles, Cec Condon from The Mess Hall, Deniz Tek, Gareth Liddiard from The Drones, Angie Hart from
Frente, Kim Salmon from Scientists, Stuart Macleod from Eskimo Joe, Mick Thomas from Weddings, Parties, Anything, Mark Lizotte (Diesel), James Reyne, Joe McKee from Snowman, Steve Kilbey from The Church and Taka Honda from Little Red.

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