Heart Research Australia, Metamucil and Christine Anu join forces to ask Australians to create music with their heartbeats

In an Australian first, award winning recording artist, Christine Anu, is set to produce a one-of-a-kind music track from the rhythm of Australian’s heartbeats. As part of a special initiative launching on National Heart Research Day during RedFeb,  a month dedicated to Heart Research – unique, interactive heart shaped pods will be positioned around Australia to collect heartbeats to inspire the singer’s yet to be released track.

The joint initiative between Heart Research Australia (HROz) and Metamucil aims to reconnect Aussies with the beat of their hearts, and in the process, remind them of the importance of maintaining low cholesterol levels.

By placing a single index finger against the specially designed heartbeat pod, the device is able to listen to the user’s heartbeat before translating it into a unique music track. The heartbeat pods will be positioned in popular locations around Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane during RedFeb.

Campaign spokesperson, Christine Anu, will be producing and releasing a music track inspired by the collective heartbeats of Australians who have engaged with the pods. The song will be available for download via iTunes after RedFeb with all funds raised going towards HROz to support Heart Research.

“As an Indigenous Australian, I have had to monitor my cholesterol my whole life as I fall into a high risk category. The heartbeat pod initiative is a great way to get Australians to listen to their hearts, and serve as a reminder at the importance of maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. I can’t wait to hear the different heartbeats of Australia and use them to release a music track with all proceeds being donated to Heart Research Australia.”

HROz has recently approved psyllium husk fibre supplement, Metamucil to help lower cholesterol when consumed as directed on the label, in conjunction with a diet low in saturated fats and cholesterol*.

Heart Research Australia Chief Executive Officer, Floyd Larsen says, “During February, whilst Australians are concentrating on matters of the heart, we are asking them to increase their awareness and take action for the health of their heart. RedFeb is a fun and active way to show your support for Heart Research.” 

What people don’t realise is that cholesterol levels may be lowered with a healthy nutritious diet low in saturated fat and high in fibre.” explains Mrs Larsen.

To listen to your heartbeat, visit your nearest heartbeat pod or like the ‘Better with Meta’ Facebook page to find a location near you hosting the pods.

To make a donation, please visit, all proceeds will go towards raising funds and increasing awareness of heart disease.