Christine Anu new single ‘Beat of Your Heart’ will raise vital funds for heart research

heartbeat single 

Christine Anu, multiple ARIA award winning recording artist, has released her latest single Beat of Your Heart as a fundraising initiative for Heart Research Australia (HROz) to reconnect Aussies with their hearts. The song is the final part of a campaign reminding Australians to listen to their hearts and in doing so, maintain low cholesterol levels.

Christine collaborated with Heart Research Australia and Metamucil, in an Australian first, to develop unique, interactive heart shaped pods that were positioned around Australia to collect people’s heartbeats and unique heart songs which inspired the singer’s new track. As part of this association, Christine continued to tell the story of heartbeats in the form of music via two creative pieces of content encouraging Australian’s to listen to their hearts.

Metamucil spokesperson, Christine Anu says, “Music really does comes from the heart and is such an important part of many people’s lives. We found a unique way to give the heart a voice in a bid to encourage Australians to listen to their hearts and hopefully make the changes today to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.”

“While working with Metamucil and Heart Research Australia I have met some amazing people. It has really hit home about the importance of our message of listening to your heart and I am so grateful to be able to front this cause.”

“Being able to go in to the recording studio and listen to Australia’s heartbeats and re-create one of my favourite songs has been such a great experience. And it’s all been in the name of heart research,” Ms Anu said.

Mrs Floyd Larsen, Chief Executive Officer, Heart Research Australia says, “We are proud to be associated with Metamucil’s campaign, which has created a tangible and thought provoking way for people to become aware and listen to their hearts. The net proceeds we receive from the download of ‘Beat of Your Heart’ will go towards vital funding for first stage life-saving research and awareness to reduce the incidence of heart disease in Australia.”

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