Damien Leith on The Morning Show, March 2014

morning show collageDamien Leith, Australia’s well-loved entertainer joined Larry and Kylie on The Morning Show on 24th March, 2014, to perform his new single Halfway Heart.

While he was there he sat in on their segment, ‘What’s The Buzz’ where he talked about the new laws surrounding one-punch killings. Damien hopes that the major penalty of life in prison combined with tough drinking laws will bring an end to these kinds of incidents but questions whether they will, given that people are too drunk to think reasonably when they do these kind of things.

On spouses taking to media to defend their partner’s career conflicts, Damien admitted that he and his wife are a partnership but she prefers to stay behind the scenes, “My wife and I run our business together … but whoever is leading the ship, it is their responsibility to deal with it. We always work well as a team, she looks after things behind the scenes,” Damien said.

Watch Damien’s performance on The Morning Show and his appearance on What’s The Buzz.