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Inside Small Business is an online resource to keep the Australian small-business community up to date with everything they need to know about running a small business in Australia. As well as a website with up-to-date and comprehensive features, news, updates, information and advice, Inside Small Business publish a quarterly newsletter that is distributed in print and online.

inside small business logoJack Delosa’s book UnProfessional fits the business genre of Inside Small Business perfectly. Read what they had to say in a review about Jack’s first book.

“This is about running a small business as distinct from a big business. Its concepts sit squarely in the present, using innovation surrounding yourself with people who are smarter than you, making a business that runs without you and creating more leaders via partnerships to amplify your message.

Unprofessional_final_frontLike any start-up through the ages you don’t have the budget to spend on big marketing campaigns. You need to do more with less and today’s digital world enables this.

Delosa is a 26-year-old university dropout who became a self-made millionaire by 24.

He urges a lean start, for example, explaining an attraction model to bring customers to you via partnerships, PR and publishing. It’s ok to embrace failure – Delosa calls it failing forward.

Fascinating reading”

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