Bansktown Sports are Getting Ready for Casey Donovan

Ten Years after winning Australian Idol, Casey Donovan is performing at Bankstown Sports Club on 21st June, 2014, as part of her You Believed Tour.

In preparation for her appearance at the club InTouch, Bankstown Sports’ magazine, asked Casey what they can expect:

It must be hard to believe that you’re celebrating 10 years in the entertainment business. What do you remember about growing up in Bankstown?
Mostly I remember playing sports. In particular, I loved participating in Bankstown Little Athletics. I also remember all the wonderful playing fields of the area, which was great fun for us as kids.

Do you have a regular band? Tell us how you put the 90-minute show together.
I do have an amazing circle of musicians that I play with regularly and between us all we musically direct my shows. This show was put together, drawing on inspirational songs that have made an impression on me throughout my career – and also a chance to re-visit songs that bring about memories of positive change in my life.

You’re an ambassador for being Big, Beautiful and Sexy, which was the name of your tour last year. Do you like fashion and where do you get your clothes?
I love fashion – especially Big, Beautiful and Sexy clothes. I especially love buying my clothes at City Chic, Style and Substance and I love to find plus-size bargains wherever I can find them!

Bankstown Sports Club is proud to be part of your ‘You Believed’ tour. How far will the tour take you?
Aside from Bankstown, which is a favourite of mine, I am touring extensively throughout New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland visiting many of my favourite towns and cities.

Casey Donovan takes over the Showroom on June 21 at 8pm. Tickets are $25. To make a booking visit