Christine Anu goes Make-Up Free

makeup free

Christine Anu is going makeup free on Friday 29 August 2014, to support Makeup Free Me to acknowledge the unrealistic body image expectations we put on ourselves, each other and that we absorb from the media and social media on a daily basis.

Makeup Free Me shines a light on negative self-image, which 90% of women believe is a major issue in today’s society. This year Makeup Free Me is focusing on negative body image, which can lead to eating disorders. Approximately 9% (2 million) of Australians experience an eating disorder that will require clinical intervention at some point in their lives.

Addressing body image issues in women and girls will hopefully ultimately develop a positive self-image. The aim this year is to raise $250,000 for body image education programs and eating disorder support services run by the Butterfly Foundation.

Join Christine and other celebrities on August 29th, 2014, by going Makeup Free.