Hayley Hasselhoff chats with Bustle.com


International plus-size model and actress, Hayley Hasselhoff recently spoke with BUSTLE.COM to answer frequently asked questions about the Industry (honestly and profoundly).


Is plus-size modeling really that different from straight-size modeling? 

To be honest, I don’t know anything about straight-size modeling because I’ve always been a plus-size model. When I was younger, I did feel that pressure, though. I would think, “If I lose the weight, will I lose plus-size modeling?” Today I feel like it’s all about being healthy and toned and celebrating your body. Everyone is so welcoming and loving on set, that I’ve never had a bad experience with it. All I worry about is making sure I’m healthy.

How do you cope with people who say you’re too small to be considered a plus-size model? Or too big to be a model in general?

Haha. I do often get told that I’m too small to be a plus-size model, and I kind of laugh it off because it’s the nature of the industry. For me, I am plus-size by industry standards. But I recognize that the word means one thing in the industry, and a completely different thing in people’s minds. I’ve always referred to myself as “plus-size,” but only ever felt the, “I’m too big,” pressure when I was much younger. It was just something I thought, though. It was part of growing up maybe.

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