Hooray for Aussiewood! Actor Nick Hardcastle On Making It In LA – A Town Not Shy Of “Patting Itself On The Back”


Nick Hardcastle recently sat down with The Carousel to talk about life in Hollywood.

Nick Hardcastle is fun, irreverent and has a distinct ‘up for anything’ attitude – traits that made him a favorite with kids on Saturday Disney, Nickelodeon, alongside The Wiggles and on ABC Kids. And, traits you would think might set him up as the perfect Aussie-to-LA success story. 

But, while this talented entertainer and media personality has certainly carved a popular place for himself in Tinseltown, Nick is the first to admit it’s been a hard slog, saying LA “is transient, vast and moves at a cracking pace.” He’s busy, but does that mean he’s ‘made it’ in LA? Here, Nick shares his LA story with us in the first of our Gumnut Mafia series – bringing you tales from Tinseltown about Aussies ‘making it’ in Hollywood.

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