Damien Leith’s “The Parting Glass: An Irish Journey” Performance Review

The Parting Glass – An Irish Journey

The Parting Glass – An Irish Journey
What: The Parting Glass – An Irish Journey
Where: Chapel Off Chapel
When: 21st February
Performed by: Damien Leith and the Black Velvet Band

One of the most authentic Irish pubs I have ever been into wasn’t even a pub to begin with. The Parting Glass emits the most intimate Irish pub spirit without having even one Guinness poster.

The show started with a song from the Black Velvet Band in a concert format. There were only music instruments on the stage. Soon after that, we discovered that we were in Ireland, in a pub, overhearing a table near the stage. There, a son and his father were waiting for a taxi as they were chatting. They had a short reunion after five years and the son was about to go back to Australia. The father was an intelligent and humorous free-spoken Irish man, whom one cannot help but keep eavesdropping on for his responses to his son and the band.

Damien Leith is the lead singer and the guitarist of the band. He also performs both the son and the father as they chat during the intervals between the songs. As the time passes their chat becomes more serious and emotional. Leith stays behind the microphone all the time, but still he manages to deliver the dialogue between the two characters sensationally.

4.5 Stars

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