Twenty Years On, Christine Anu Is Still Going Strong

Twenty Years On, Christine Anu Is Still Going Strong

For Christine Anu, 2015 has already been a year of touring and non-stop events.

The singer’s first dates of 2015 were commemorated by her playing at an event she is all to familiar with. “Yeah so that’s the event to mark the beginning of Mardi Gras calendar, and that was on Sunday the 22nd, so that was really great, big hot day, outdoors, trying to get changed in marquees that they set-up festival style and then I looked across at some of the drag queens in their getup thinking what am I complaining about?”

Christine was also chosen to represent Australia overseas recently as part of the an initiative funded by the Australian Government to promote the cultural offerings Australia ha to offer. “I was over in Vietnam, was over there with DFAT, the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade. Just rolling out a scheme to do an Australian music and culture exchange program; it was really wonderful. It was really well devised! I got to do a lot of the university performances to back that up, so the day would be workshops and the night time would be filled with a concert of what I was doing and then the young, Vietnamese music students from the Conservatorium would come out and do their stuff as well. It was really quite involved, educational and rewarding”

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