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Youth worker and former rugby league player Casey Conway writes exclusively for SBS Sexuality about coming to terms with his past as a high school bully.

Last month I had the privilege of sitting on a panel at the Mardi Gras Film Festival following a screening of Out To Win, a documentary that showcased the stories and lives of prominent American athletes and their experiences of coming out. To be totally truthful, I felt out of my depth being in the presence of Ian Thorpe, Matt Mitcham and other amazing world class athletes. I hoped I could add value to the discussion because I’m from the country and competed in a team sport where being gay often has taboo status. But it became evident that everyone on that panel went through similar experiences of fear, guilt, anxiety, stress and isolation.

One thing I did offer however did stand out: I came out. Not as gay, obviously, that’s old news now. I came out as a bully.

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Source: SBS | Photo: Matt Brockie for BLK Sport

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