In a national first, Jason Williamson Management are thrilled to be launching an exciting new division of the business – JWM INFLUENCERS. This impressive roster, which is unique to Australia, will exclusively feature prominent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social media Influencers and professionals from the worlds of entertainment, fashion, education, modelling, fitness, government, arts, and health.

By providing access to the Influencers, the division will provide key bodies such as the Australian government, not-for-profit organisations, Community businesses, corporate companies and media outlets the opportunity to educate, inspire and create awareness around Indigenous businesses, community events and community capacity building. We also offer new and innovative ways to reach the wider Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

The talented line-up includes notable faces such as Christine Anu, Casey Conway, Shellie Morris, Jason Owen, Kane Wright, Marcus Corowa, Arrow 21 (aka Neville Bloomfield), to name a few.

JWM INFLUENCERS clients are available for media comment, website sponsored posts, guest posting, blogging, social media posting on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, ambassadorships, product integration and campaigns, workshops and keynote presentations. A select group of Influencers are also available for performances and creative arts instillations and commissions.

JWM INFLUENCERS all believe in education and awareness as an avenue to create meaningful and positive change. All Influencers are qualified practitioners in their respective fields.

All the Influencers are passionate advocates of their culture. They are willing to provide commentary, and share personal experiences and motivations, in the mainstream media, social media and public speaking arenas, in order to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander achievements and activities.

“In creating the JWM INFLUENCERS division, we are recognizing the need for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to have an important public voice,” says agency director Jason Williamson. “We want to promote and advocate diversity within the mainstream Australia. As the word is spreading about this exciting new division, we have seen our clients work with the likes of Weet-Bix, NITV, SBS, and numerous schools already. It is a great start to this exciting new division.”

For more than a decade, Jason Williamson Management has represented a select roster of media personalities, performers, musicians and social influencers. Clients have starred in numerous television shows, feature films and musicals, and have performed at major events staged in Australia and abroad.  They have released platinum and gold selling albums, written best-selling books, and featured in campaigns for consumer brands.

Jason Williamson Management is a passionate supporter of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performers and is a committed advocate for diversity in the entertainment industry. The agency works with a wide variety of people on profile raising, organisational growth and challenges, and community engagement programs. Sectors they have worked closely with on projects include government bodies, non-profit organisations, media outlets and corporate businesses.