Naomi Evans: The Things They Don’t Tell You About Cancer


In this week’s New Idea column, Naomi Evan discusses the things they don’t tell you about cancer.

In May 2016 an extremely tender tummy lead Naomi Evans to her GP. After initial fears of ovarian cancer, further tests, scans and surgeries confirmed a rare diagnosis – appendix cancer.

After initial diagnosis, Naomi is now awaiting a surgery date for what those affected refer to as the Mother of All Surgeries (MOAS) – an 8-12 hour operation to remove all evidence of cancer and affected organs, followed by heated chemotherapy directly into the abdomen. It is a brutal surgery with a lengthy recovery. With her partner, also Naomi, and their young foster son, they are facing this challenge with a sense of humour and cautious optimism. 

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Naomi Evans is a Newcastle-based writer and editor.

Source:  New Idea Magazine