Marcus Corowa returns to star in Just The Two of Us: Songs of Bill Withers


Marcus Corowa is set to return to star in Just The Two of Us:  Songs of Bill Withers at The Brass Monkey on Thursday, 13 April 2017.

You know an artist is great when their music is covered for generations. Bill Withers is one such artist. His soulful melodies including Aint No Sunshine and Lean On Me have stood the test of time and this year saw him inducted into the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame. Join Marcus Corowa, a huge Bill Withers fan, in celebrating the music and stories of a remarkable man.

Raised in a poor neighbourhood and developing a crippling stutter, Withers enlisted in the US Navy and worked other manual jobs before finding his passion for music. It wasn’t something he ever expected could be a career, telling Rolling Stone Magazine in April 2015 “…I was able to write songs people could identify with.”

In his self-described short career, Bill Withers won three Grammy Awards for Best Rhythm and Blues Song: 1971 for Ain’t No Sunshine, 1981 for Just The Two Of Us, and 1987 for Lean On Me.

“Bill Withers has been a huge inspiration to me. I’m drawn to his heart felt lyrics and soulful melodies. He is someone who I really admire as a songwriter. So many of his songs have continued to leave an impact with people decades on from when they were first released. His music really connects with people.”

In an intimate concert setting, Marcus Corowa will perform these songs and more from Withers’ amazing career, and will share stories from the life of this inspirational musician.

Marcus Corowa is a singer/songwriter whose silky smooth singing voice and original music has been captivating audiences across Australia. He draws on his Aboriginal and South Sea Islander Heritage to create a soulful, soothing sound that is distinctly his own. Raised in Bowen in North Queensland and now residing in Sydney, Marcus aims to travel the world connecting with others and sharing his music.

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