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Casey Conway (Supplied)

Last month, leading Aboriginal model and youth/family practitioner Casey Conway was announced as face (and body) of the Drama Downunder campaign in the Northern Territory.

Using a series of humorous images and slogans, for the last nine years the campaign has succeeded in raising awareness of STI transmission while dismantling some of the stigma associated with testing and treatment.

When VAC were approached by the Northern Territory AIDS and Hepatitis Council to come up with an indigenous version of the campaign, they were delighted that Conway agreed to be involved.

“I really hope the campaign will get people testing every three-to-six months—once in the wet and once in the dry,” Conway said. “As the campaign says, get tested, get treated, no drama. We have to do something about STIs in the Northern Territory, and among Aboriginal people in particular.”

Not only is the campaign a great acknowledgement of the importance of diversity and the visibility of indigenous people when it comes to raising awareness, it looks like everyone had a whole lot of fun shooting the pics.

Check out the SameSame website to watch the behind-the-scenes video

The Northern Territory has the highest STI rates in the country with a syphilis outbreak in the Top End of over 300 cases.

Indigenous people, particularly those living in remote communities often have little or no understanding of the importance of maintaining their sexual health. Sexual health can often take a back seat when it comes to under-resourced and over-burden health clinics juggling conflicting health needs.

Equal access to health education in the Northern Territory is a serious issue, especially with the increase of HIV and STI infections. The school curriculum doesn’t include proper education and the only reference to using condoms is in preventing pregnancy.

Arm yourself with information, wet or dry—any season, sexy health is deadly! Get tested, get treated no drama!

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Click here to check out the Drama Downunder website.


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