Christine Anu writes for RendezView: Why are our Indigenous youths committing suicide?

Christine Anu (Photograph: Nancy Morrison)

Christine Anu, one of Australia’s most successful Indigenous performers, has written a moving column for The Daily Telegraph’s RendezView about the increasing number of youth suicides within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Here is an extract from the article:

“My heart broke when I read about Matt Taylor, an undertaker in the outback Western Australian town of Leonora who buried his son, a victim of suicide. In this part of Australia broken by the mining downturn, it is the sixth Aboriginal youth suicide in the last 18 months.

Last year in Western Australia a 10-year-old Aboriginal girl took her own life. Ten years old! Thinking about this baby girl brings tears to my eyes. In many other parts of Australia, suicide rates amongst Indigenous Australians are the highest they have been in over a decade. Left behind are family and friends wondering — why?”

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Source: Christine Anu | RendezView