With his previous video Don’t Let Go racking up over 19 MILLION VIEWS, powerhouse singer Greg Gould has released a new cover of George Michael’s Freedom to all digital outlets in support of the YES campaign.

The track is accompanied by a heartbreaking music video, released on his Facebook page at 12pm today, starring Councillor Christine Forster (sister of Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott) and proud rugby league star Ian Roberts. Gould was in the US promoting a re-release duet of his version of Don’t Let Go with En Vogue lead singer Maxine Jones when he read the news that a postal plebiscite was to go ahead, “I really struggled not being in Australia with my community at the time” Written & Directed by Greg, he is hopeful his new video will help to inspire more YES votes as well as opening hearts and minds.

It’s about having the same rights, the same protection and the same recognition as everybody else. Marriage is the bedrock of our society. Freedom is being able to marry to person you love, it’s that simple” – CHRISTINE FORSTER

Christine Forster stars alongside her real-life partner of 10 years Virginia Edwards, portraying a couple from the UK honeymooning in Australia. Their story highlights the importance of having international legal rights recognised in Australia. Based on a true story, Virginia’s character tragically falls down the stairs of their apartment. When her NSW Death Certificate arrives in the mail, the Marital Status at Date of Death states she is single, despite the couple being legally married in their home country.

I’ve recently had four friends commit suicide because they have struggled with who they are. It’s not about marriage. It’s about saving lives and letting young people know that they are ok” – IAN ROBERTS

Ian Roberts stars as the aggressively homophobic father of a young Indigenous man (played by Aboriginal actor and youth advocate Matty Webb) who “comes out” to his parents by introducing them to his partner (also his partner in real life). After a hoard of physical and verbal abuse the boys leave, what follows depicts why it’s so important in a country where 6 to 1 youth suicides are from the LGBTQI community, to cement a message of acceptance, love, and understanding to all Australians, a message Gould believes begins with Marriage Equality.” 

“I feel honoured to be apart of this project as it sheds a light on suicide, which resonates not only heavily in the LGBTQI community but also is the leading cause of death for male Indigenous youth and by proudly representing both of these communities, I hope this video sends a clear message” – MATTY WEBB

Sydney based Trans advocate Katherine Wolfgramme decided to participate in the video to make people aware that if Transgender people don’t change their gender marker on their Birth Certificate, they too cannot marry the person they love until Marriage Equality is realised in Australia.

“Freedom is being able to marry the person you love, regardless of gender” – KATHERINE WOLFGRAMME