Jason Williamson Management appoints Boomalli Consulting as in-house Aboriginal Cultural Advisors


Jason Williamson Management (JWM) is pleased to announce the appointment of Boomalli Consulting as our in-house Aboriginal Cultural Advisors. Boomalli Consulting will offer JWM staff and client’s cultural guidance and various supports every step of the way.

“As a management company that represents and brokers for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander entertainers and speakers, I felt it was important that we strengthen our commitment to our clients and the recognition and respect of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and traditional knowledge. JWM is also committed to ensuring that the use of Indigenous practices are recognised by all third parties who engage our clients. I am pleased to have Boomalli Consulting on board to provide guidance on cultural lore, practices and our dedication to the advocacy of diversity and inclusion in the Australian Entertainment Industry” says Jason Williamson.

Boomalli Consulting is a national company that has a reputation to deliver outcomes in the multi-faceted Aboriginal affairs sector. The company is well renowned and sought after due to its high level consultation, program development skills and cultural expertise, including all aspects of community capacity development, community analysis, youth development & mentoring and empowerment in Aboriginal communities.

Managing Director and Founder, Shannon Barnes, is a proud Ngiyampaa woman, bringing to the company a powerful combination of strong cultural respect and experience coupled with demonstrated high-level business development capacity. Shannon holds qualifications in Business Management, Human Resources, Project Management, Community Consultation and Conflict Resolution. Her career has taken her across many sectors including community services, business development (state government) and the manufacturing industry (international company).

Shannon has spent the last eight years working across the Nation for many prominent Aboriginal political structures and entities, service providers, business owners and government departments. The company has gained recognition across the Australia for its development, delivery and engagement methods. Shannon herself has been nominated for a Reconciliation Australia Award and Aboriginal Australian of the Year in 2016 for her dedication to the progression of Aboriginal communities. She has also been nominated for AusMumpreneur in 2018 as a strong woman in business.

“Due to my responsibility as a Ngiyampaa woman and my commitment to my people I only align my company with those in business who I know value and respect our culture with integrity and consistency. I as Managing Director have a long association with JWM and am not only confident but proud of the partnership we as a collective group have formed. Cultural practice, lore and protocols are important for the well-being of my people and communities. I applaud JWM for engaging Boomalli on this level.” says Shannon Barnes.

Jason Williamson Management is committed to working with individuals from different cultural heritages and identities and to facilitate the advocacy, promotion and professional engagement of people from culturally diverse backgrounds in the Entertainment Industry. Our clients include Christine Anu, Casey Conway, Jake G and Marcus Corowa.  We have also brokered opportunities for Shellie Morris, Troy Brady, Sue Ray, Kahl Wallis, Jason Owen, Bow and Arrow, Evie J Willie, Radical Son, John Paul Janke and Mi-Kaisha Masella.

For more information about this appointment, please contact Jason Williamson Management