Jake Gablonski

At only 22 years of age, emerging influential leader Jake G is using his reach to connect with his vastly diverse Australian audience. The young, gay Aboriginal man from the remote Northern Territory town of Katherine is breaking through sharing his passion, positivity and personal stories.

First noticed through social media his popularity has continued to grow. From this he has become an ambassador for causes that have personal relevance to him and his communities, and harnessed opportunities across radio, television and printed media.

An engaging personality, Jake is a storyteller, taking audiences on a journey with him when he speaks. 2016 saw this boy from the bush have his first taste of storytelling on a grander scale as the first Indigenous Northern Territory R U OK? ambassador. His heartfelt message went viral with his 30,000+ followers sharing his message.

2017 saw Jake’s speaking engagements continue as he returned to his hometown to deliver a keynote presentation as the Australia Day ambassador, Katherine’s firs local Indigenous Ambassador for Australia Day. His warm presentation was highly regarded by the Northern Territory community, including Parliament, leaving audiences inspired.

In March 2017, Jake was approached to present in NITV’s live coverage of the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade alongside the stars of the NT Stars float Casey Conway, the Northern Territory’s own drag queen mega-personality Mis Ellaneous and Love Child’s Miranda Tapsell. It was a huge success for the network and an amazing experience for Jake.

Since, Jake has had the opportunity to branch out and work extensively in radio and printed media including Resident Magazine NT, NITV, Star Observer, ABC Radio and many more. He has also had the opportunity to do pieces of live presenting as well as for Television.

A true advocate, Jake is extremely passionate about representing his Indigenous culture and sending his positive influence in media and entertainment. He also advocates for equality and mental health, both issues close to his heart.

Jake is truly influential, connecting with his audiences across Australia who see him as an inspiration. His fun-loving personality, and personal, grounded approach endear him to most audiences allowing him to spread messages of positivity that make a difference in the lives of the Australian public.