“Marcus recently gave a presentation at our Starting Ground Master-class Aboriginal music industry workshop and generously shared his personal experiences, triumphs and struggles as a working artist, as well as  how he has successfully diversified his artist practice. It was invaluable to the workshop participants all of whom enjoyed Marcus’s presentation, especially those musicians who come from regional communities. “

“Christine was amazing and her band did a marvellous job. People really enjoyed her warmth and engaging nature, as well as the fact she was so proud of her heritage.” 

“Christine was AMAZING!”

Christine Anu was the host of the inaugural Indigenous Digital Excellence Awards

“Thank you again for coming to talk to our students! You were absolutely incredible, and the kids were talking about it for the rest of the day. There were quite a few of our Kirrinari students (Colo’s Aboriginal Education Program) in the audience, and I know it meant a lot to them to have you there and to hear your story.

Internalised homophobia is still such a big issue for a lot of our young people, and as Colo is such a big rugby school… I do worry for them, so having you there was so important.”

Casey Conway was the keynote speaker for Colo High School Wear It Purple Day event.

“Marcus was a knowledgeable, entertaining and enthusiastic presenter, who was a wonderful addition to our schools NAIDOC celebrations. He captivated the entire school with his beautiful performances, and his talk offered a fantastic connection to his life and learnings through discussions of his own experiences. The workshops he ran with our students afforded them a unique and personal perspective on issues of belonging and identity, and had the students wrapt and talking for days. The intimate workshop has built to the students abilities and interests, and the fact that they stayed long into recess to finish their work with Marcus speaks volumes”