“Our guests at The Long Lunch absolutely loved the performances by Christine Anu. She is an incredible singer and was such a lovely person to work with. A complete professional and very humble and gracious in our dealings. I would recommend Christine for any special event as a reliable, flexible and breathtaking artist.”

Thank you so much to Jake for making the trip down to Melbourne to speak at the 2018 Melbourne University Medical Student Conference. Jake was very generous in donating his time to come and educate students on a range of important issues pertaining to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Jake provided an exceptionally unique and valuable perspective – his kindness, compassion and genuine nature shone brightly, and made for a very engaging presentation. Jake spoke with unrivalled honesty, openness and sensitivity on a number of topics that were of personal significance to him. In this light he is a very important voice in advocating for a brighter future for all Australians. We would love to hear him speak again and thank him for sharing his thoughts at our conference this year.

I just wanted to express my gratitude to Marcus for his presentation this morning. It was thoroughly enjoyable, whilst educational, for the students. Please pass on our congratulations and thanks to him for his work!

On behalf of Dakabin SHS, we would like to thank-you sincerely for the “In Conversation and Song” performance, and sharing a message of connection to not only our indigenous students and community but to all.  It was a wonderful day and our students and community are still buzzing about it.  For this we are sincerely grateful for this wonderful opportunity and to have such a positive role model attend our school.

On the 28th of May, Christine Anu delivered a performance to Singleton High School. The performance sparked a dialogue among the students about the important culture. Ms Anu was able demonstrate the link with her culture to each song she performed. The students enjoyed the physical components of the performance. The beats and clapping helped the students engage in the performance. Overall, an enjoyable performance. After the performance, Ms Anu joined us in the dressing room and spoke to some of our year 12 Hospitality students. The students were excited about meeting Ms Anu and sharing their achievements and experiences over their high school years. ​

Christine was such an impressive and entertaining speaker and performer. Her presentation interweaving her stories with her music was so engaging. The stories were amusing and at times moving and her voice was and songs were beyond outstanding.

The whole audience was wowed with her performance and gave her a standing ovation sat the end.  Last night and today, we have received so many positive comments about the event. It is for Maitland City Library, the stand out event of the year.

“We invited Casey to come speak at an event we were running to mark National Reconciliation Week in combination with International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. We wanted to provide our employees with a deeper understanding of the issues facing Indigenous and LGBTI people- and Casey was perfect! He allowed us to ask him some deeply personal questions about his lived experiences, and he was more than willing to open up and give us his perspective on some really challenging issues.  He really engaged the crowd and had such an interesting perspective! We’d love to have him back to hear more about his experiences.”


Your performance was absolutely spectacular!

Working together, we can deliver outcomes that really do make a difference – to individual animals, to entire species, to their habitat and to humanity. Thank you for joining us as we strive to follow in the footsteps of the original Wildlife Warrior, Steve Irwin.

On behalf of Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin thank you for your support, you helped us make the 2018 Steve Irwin Gala Dinner Los Angeles the best yet!


“Marcus recently gave a presentation at our Starting Ground Master-class Aboriginal music industry workshop and generously shared his personal experiences, triumphs and struggles as a working artist, as well as  how he has successfully diversified his artist practice. It was invaluable to the workshop participants all of whom enjoyed Marcus’s presentation, especially those musicians who come from regional communities. “

“Christine was amazing and her band did a marvellous job. People really enjoyed her warmth and engaging nature, as well as the fact she was so proud of her heritage.”